Apr. 1941 Established the company with JPY 195,000 in capital.
Mar. 1942 Increased capital to JPY 255,000.
Dec. 1948 Increased capital to JPY 1.2 million.
Jun. 1949 Increased capital to JPY 2 million.
Oct. 1949 Obtained permission for Ocean Freight Forwarder and authorized as Customs Agent.
Aug. 1951 Registered as General Port Transportation and Longshoring business provider.
Oct. 1952 Registered as Wooden-Vessel (small ship) Marine Transportation business provider.
Nov. 1958 Increased capital to JPY 5 million.
Jul . 1959 Completed a building for its head office in the Port of Nagoya area.
Mar. 1961 Increased capital to JPY 8 million.
Jan. 1962 Increased capital to JPY 16 million.
Dec. 1962 Registered as Domestic Coastal Shipping and Handling business provider.
May. 1964 Registered as Domestic Coastal Shipping business provider.
Jun. 1964 Obtained each license for General Port Transportation and Longshoring business.
Dec. 1964 Increased capital to JPY 32 million.
Jan. 1967 Increased capital to JPY 48 million.
Jan. 1969 Obtained license for General Port Transportation business within Zone 5 (Go-Go-Chi) and Zone 8 (Hachi-Go-Chi).
Jan. 1969 Increased capital to JPY 100 million.
Sep. 1969 Obtained license for Domestic Coastal Shipping business in accordance with legal change of Coastal Shipping Business Act.
May. 1970 Obtained permission for the business of Customs Clearance.
May. 1970 Registered as Automobile Transportation and Handling business provider.
Sep. 1970 Opened Kinuura branch.
Sep. 1971 Obtained license for Longshoring business in the Port of Kinuura.
Aug. 1973 Completed a new building for its headquarters.
Aug. 1979 Obtained license for Warehousing business.
Nov. 1982 Proudly completed our own private wharf "Yura Futo" with level luffing unloader in the Yatomi area.
Nov. 1982 Obtained license for General Port Transportation business within Zone 5, 8 and Yura Futo.
Dec. 1984 Obtained license for General Construction business.
Jun. 1985 Opened Tokyo branch.
Oct. 1987 Completed our cement silo having its capacity of 10,000MT in Yura Futo.
Sep. 1995 Obtained license for Industrial Waste Disposal operations (Collection and Transportation) business.
Feb. 1996 Obtained license for General Port Transportation business within No.8 area, Yura Futo and the berth of No.89.
Feb. 1997 Completed exclusive warehouse designated by the former Food Agency.
Apr. 1997 Completed the vessel of "Daiichi Yura-maru" for exclusively carrying lumber.
Dec. 1997 Completed additional warehouse for grain.
Mar. 1999 Completed three-storied Container Terminal with fixed temperature function in the Yatomi Wharf.
Jul. 1999 Acquired 15,286㎡ of land in the Yatomi Wharf.
Dec. 1999 Acquired 10,293㎡ of land and warehouse in the Tobishima area.
Mar. 2001 Completed Trucking Operations Center in the Tobishima area.
Oct. 2003 Completed Container Freight Station in the Yatomi Wharf.
Apr. 2006 Completed Yatomi Logistics Center in the Yatomi Wharf.
Aug. 2007 Acquired 18,643㎡ of land in the Nabeta area.
Nov. 2007 Completed the vessel of "Yura-maru" for exclusively carrying woodchip.
Oct. 2008 Established Sibelco Japan Co., Ltd., joint venture company with Sibelco Asia Pte Ltd.
Oct. 2009 Established joint venture company PLS Corporation in Korea for the development of PDI business.
Jul. 2010 Established Marine Express Corporation with Marine Star Corporation.
Oct. 2011 Completed Nabeta Logistics Center in the Nabeta area and moved Trucking Operations Center to the same area.
Apr. 2012 Completed the vessel of "Ayane-maru" for exclusively carrying woodchip and lumber.
Dec. 2015 Started solar power generation selling business in Nabeta Logistics Center.
Mar. 2016 Completed the vessel of "Manaka-maru" for exclusively carrying woodchip and lumber.
Apr. 2016 Certified as Authorized Economic Operator (Warehouse Operator).
Sep. 2017 Certified as Authorized Customs Broker.
May 2019 Established YURA KAIUN VIETNAM CO., LTD. in Ho Chi Minh City.
Apr 2020 Opend Sodegaura Office in Sodegaura city, Chiba.
Sep. 2020 Renewed an unloader on Yura Futo.