事業紹介 [荷役]

A variety of high-capacity storage yards and warehouse complexes—including Yura Wharf (Yura Futo) in West-3 area, where a private wharf and expansive back lots can be found, and the newly established Nabeta Logistics Center—are harnessed to properly place your valuable cargo in storage.

Nagoya Container Terminal (NCT)

Bonded sheds offering CFS functions, high-quality fixed-temperature warehouses with fumigation facilities, and more can be found at Nagoya Container Terminal, a site where container cargo is handled in proximity to Yura Futo and where various types of cargo can be accepted.

  • Three-storied warehouse

    Three-storied warehouse

  • Inside of the CFS

    Inside of the CFS

  • Warehouse for fixed temperature fumction

    Warehouse with fixed temperature function

  • Operations in the warehouse

    Operations in the warehouse

An extensive family of storage facilities

We have secured numerous storage facilities that meet our clients' needs—including the Yatomi Logistics Center, where bulk cargo can also be stored, a chemicals center featuring tanks and other facilities specially designed to hold toxic substances, and soda silos in Zone 8 capable of storing large volumes of soda ash—at various Port of Nagoya area locations. We will continue to listen to our clients with a view to satisfying a large variety of requests and demands.

  • Cement silo in Yura Futo

    Cement silo in Yura Futo

  • Warehouse for hazardous materials

    Warehouse for hazardous materials

  • Soda silo and warehouses in Zone 8

    Soda silo and warehouses in Zone 8

  • Storage tanks for chemicals in Chemical Center

    Storage tanks for chemicals in Chemical Center

Thoroughgoing security measures

In order to protect your valuable cargo, a robust security system has been deployed at each of our warehouses. At our brand new Nabeta Logistics Center and elsewhere, surveillance cameras have also been installed at every turn with the aim of creating an environment that can allow clients to trust us to an even greater extent with their goods.

  • Thoroughgoing security measures
  • Thoroughgoing security measures
  • Thoroughgoing security measures
  • Thoroughgoing security measures

Nabeta Logistics Center

Completed in October 2011, the Nabeta Logistics Center also features a Trucking Operations Center as the vehicular base for the group company Yura Rikuun Co., Ltd. In this way, the center offers the advantage of being able to harness a high degree of mobility and fulfills its role as a hassle-free storage site.

  • Appearance


  • Entrance for cargoes

    Entrance for cargoes

  • Inside of the warehouse

    Inside of the warehouse

  • Operations