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Yokosuka Office:Yura Kaiun Co., Ltd. – Total logistics service provider

Yokosuka Office

Yokosuka Office

Comprehensive logistical services ranging from cargo handling to storage and shipping are provided at a site located in Tokai City in the neck of the Chita Peninsula. Facing a public quay, this site carries out cargo-handling functions using coastal vessels. Bulk cargo consisting of casting sand, which is a raw material in the production of cement, and clay can also be handled here.

Warehouses 3,593㎡
Open Storage Yard 2,890㎡
Weighbridge MAX 50MT

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Contact Information

Location 60-5 Motohama-cho, Tokai city, Aichi pref. 4770035 Japan
Phone +81 (562) 33 2688
FAX +81 (562) 33 2160