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Yatomi Logistics Center:Yura Kaiun Co., Ltd. – Total logistics service provider

Yatomi Logistics Center

Yatomi Logistics Center

In April 2006, the Yatomi Logistics Center was set up in the Nabeta Wharf Area adjacent to Yura Futo and NCT. Smooth links among sites allow us to propose an array of logistical services.

Warehouses 10,464㎡ ※including bonded area
Open Storage Yard 1,995㎡ ※including bonded area
Other Functions Re-packing equipment for jetpack trucks

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  • Appearance
  • Warehouses
  • Re-packing equipment
  • Inside of the re-packing equipment
  • Warehouse for hazardous materials
  • Inside of the warehouse

Contact Information

Location 15-2 Kusunoki 3-Chome, Yatomi, Aichi pref. 4980066 Japan
Phone +81 (567) 66 4551
FAX +81 (567) 66 4552