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Nagoya Container Terminal:Yura Kaiun Co., Ltd. – Total logistics service provider

Nagoya Container Terminal

Nagoya Container Terminal (NCT)

In March 1999, Nagoya Container Terminal (NCT) was established in close proximity to Yura Futo as an entity that can also accommodate the distribution of container cargo. Smooth integrated logistical services for container cargo ranging from warehousing, retrieval, and storage to shipping can now be offered to clients.


Three-storied warehouse with bonded area 14,475㎡

Including warehouse with fixed temperature function and a room for fumigation

CFS 4,186㎡
Open Storage Yard 3,334㎡ Weighbridge MAX 50MT

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  • Appearance
  • Inside of the CFS
  • Three-storied warehouse with fixed temperature function
  • Operations in the warehouse
  • Handling container cargoes
  • Weighbridge

Contact Information

Location 15-4 Kusunoki 3-Chome, Yatomi, Aichi pref. 4980066 Japan
Phone +81 (567) 68 6181
FAX +81 (567) 68 6185