Nabeta Logistics Center

Nabeta Logistics Center

In October 2011, the Nabeta Logistics Center was established on grounds exceeding 16,500 square meters in area as a site for enhancing the convenience of logistics. A Trucking Operations Center overseeing the vehicular fleet of the group company Yura Rikuun has also been set up to enable us to propose services characterized by a high degree of mobility.

Warehouse 5,800㎡ Other Functions Trucking Operations Center

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  • nabeta-1024x730Appearance
  • CIMG04261-1024x768In the office
  • CIMG0265-1024x768Trucks belong to Yura Rikuun
  • nabeta_warehouse031Entrance for cargoes
  • CIMG1081Inside of the warehouse
  • nabeta031Operations in the warehouse

Contact Information

Location 96 Happo, Nabeta-cho, Yatomi, Aichi pref. 4980068 Japan
Phone +81 (567) 69 2022
FAX +81 (567) 69 2023