Office in Zone 8

Office in Zone 8 (Hachi-Go-Chi)

We also operate a site in Zone 8 (Hachi-Go-Chi), which is known as a base for the amassment of silica sand (a raw material in the production of glass and other goods). Various other types of cargo in addition to silica sand are also handled here. Moreover, a chemical center where deleterious substances are expertly dealt with has also been established nearby.

Warehouses 7,736㎡ Open Storage Yard 8,228㎡
Chemical Cener 1,183㎡ Soda Silo 384㎡
Other Functions Silica sand conveyer equipment, Weighbridge (MAX 50MT)

Slide Show

  • CIMG0891-1024x767Appearance
  • soda_niyaku04-1024x767Soda silo
  • soda2Handling soda ash into the Silo
  • keisha_niyaku021-1024x767Handling silica sand in bulk
  • IMGP0615-1024x767Chemical Center
  • chemical1-1024x767Storage tanks for chemicals

Contact Information

Location 57 Funami-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi pref. 4550027 Japan
Phone +81 (52) 612 3363
+81 (52) 613 3929 for Chemical Center
FAX +81 (52) 612 3364
+81 (52) 613 3929 for Chemical Center