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Customs clearance and import/export procedures:Yura Kaiun Co., Ltd. – Total logistics service provider

Customs clearance and import/export procedures


Our experts in handling cargo from foreign countries will responsibly carry out essential procedures applicable to export and import cargo. Feel free to express your concerns regarding logistics to the members of our staff who are aware of their status and possess unparalleled expertise as export and import professionals.

Customs and bonding operations

Backed by extensive practical experience and expertise, customs specialists will smoothly and quickly carry out customs procedures—from declaring export and import cargo to customs to acquiring permission—that are essential for the handling of export and import cargo. In addition, you can also entrust our specialists with bonding operations required in connection with these procedures. Your goods will be appropriately and promptly delivered via a thorough checking system.

Joint inspection for cargoes

Joint inspection for cargoes

AEO Warehouse Operator / Authorized Customs Broker 

AEO_rgb.gif_smallWe are certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (Warehouse Operator), which shows we operate bonded warehouses fitted with a system of cargo security and compliance, by the Director-General of Nagoya Customs on April 18, 2016. Besides, we also are certified as an Authorized Customs Broker, given favorable treatment in terms of the procedure related to customs clearance, on September 27, 2017.
For details please refer to "AEO Program"

Export and import professionals

jiffaFor each logistics mode, a specialist section will be formed to promptly respond to your requests in terms of export and import operations under an efficient organizational system through which staff members proficient in the areas of expertise that apply will carry out operations. Based in part on access to and control over not just customs specialists but also international complex transport providers capable of engaging in sophisticated operations relating to compound international transportation, a system for dealing with complex export and import operations in line with expanding globalization has been developed.